We are a full-service slaughter and processing facility-

specializing in Beef, Pork, Deer, Lamb and Goat! 

Welcome to Fisher Ham and Meat Company!


 Fisher Ham and Meat Co. 

Located just a quarter mile from the intersection of Kuykendahl and Spring Cypress, You may know FHM for their world famous smoked bacon or their deer processing, but there is so much more to know about Fisher Ham and Meat.  One of Houston's oldest family owned and operated businesses, it's also one of the busiest- ranked in the top 20 Pork Wholesalers in the United States!

Wonderfully processed to your specifications, FHM Processing is your best choice for quality and freshness.                                           

Taste the goodness of fresh, healthy meat, without preservatives, added chemicals

and antibiotics.

 You'll love it!

An excellent addition to your familys' kitchen, we offer fresh cabrito and complete goat packages!     




Our Family tradition, passed down from Father to Son's of being the best we can be has served our clients well.  Since 1929, William Fisher Jr, Sons Craig and Kent, have continued to deliver the highest quality processing to their family, neighbors, friends, restaraunts, wholesalers and the general public.  With great service you would expect pricing to be astronomical, however, you will find the pricing at Fisher Ham and Meat to be fair and the product, well, fantastic!


Tenderloin  Sirloin Steak    T-Bone    Porterhouse     Ribeye    N.Y. Strip
Round Steak     Cutlets  Chuck Steak   Chuck Roast  Shoulder Roast  Sirloin Tip Roast  Rump Roast  Eye of Round Roast  Tri Tip Roast  Standing Rib Roast
Boneless Rib Roast  Beef Fajitas  Brisket  Stew Meat  Bone In Short Ribs
Boneless Ribs  Ground Chuck (85% lean)  Ground Round (95% lean)  Ground Chili (95% lean) Liver Flank Steak Pork Cutlets  First Cut Pork Chops  Center Cut Pork Chops  Boneless Pork Chops  Pork Filets  Butterfly Pork Chops Ribs  Boneless Pork Roast  Boston Butt Pork Roast Pork Tenderloin Ground Pork Smoked Sliced Bacon Rind On Bacon Hocks Ham Steaks Belly Liver Heart Tongue Sweetbreads Back Straps Backstraps Cured Smoked Honey Baked 

Fisher Ham and Meat Co.

Fisher Ham and Meat Co.

5023 Spring Cypress Rd

Spring, Texas  77379

Call:  281-376-1644

Email: sales@fisherhamandmeat.com


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